• Heavy duty slurry pump

    Heavy duty slurry pump

    Discharge size:

    1″ to 18″ (25 mm to 450 mm)
    Frame size from B to TU
    Head: 70m
    Capacity: 5000m3/h
    Pump type: Horizontal

  • Heavy duty cantilever sump pump

    Heavy duty cantilever sump pump

    Discharge size:

    1.5″ to 10″ (40 mm to 250 mm)
    Frame size from PV to TV
    Head: 50m
    Capacity: 1350m3/h
    Pump type: Vertical


  • Medium duty slurry pump

    Medium duty slurry pump

    Discharge size:

    10/8 to 12/10,

    frame size E/EE/F/FF
    Size: 8″ to 10″
    Capacity: 540-1440 m3/h
    Head: 14-60 m
    Pump type: Horizontal

  • Heavy duty high head lined slurry pump

    Heavy duty high head lined slurry pump

    Discharge size:

    50mm to 100mm,

    frame size from D to F
    Heads : 100m
    Capacity: 700 m3/h
    Pump type: Horizontal

  • Light duty Slurry Pump

    Light duty Slurry Pump

    Discharge sizing:

    75mm to 550mm,

    frame size from C to TU
    Heads : 55m
    Capacity: 6800m3/h
    Pump type: Horizontal

  • Gravel & dredge pump

    Gravel & dredge pump

    Discharge size:

    4” to 14” (100 mm to 350 mm),

    frame size from D to TU
    Heads : 70m
    Capacity: 2700 m3/h
    Pump type: Horizontal
    Materials: High Chrome Alloy, Corrosion resistant alloys
    Material code reference:A05/A12/A33/A49/A61 and etc.

  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

    ● Panlong spare are fully compatible with any OEM products,not only dimensionally correct (ensure favorable interchangeability) but also materially accurate(provide adequate service life).

  • Pipeline floater

    Pipeline floater

    ● Pipeline floaters are widely used in many industries. It is mainly used for the buoyancy support of various transport pipelines working in rivers, lakes ,ocean dredging and tailing pond. They are made from high wear-resistant MDPE by rotational molding technology.

    ● The hull of MDPE FLOATER is made from medium density polyethylene material with excellent flexibility, filled with high strength polyurethane foam inside. With reasonable structure and good performance, the MDPE floater becomes the ideal substitution of the traditional steel floater for the floating dredging pipes.

  • Robot Safty Fence

    Robot Safty Fence

    ● Isolation Wire Mesh Fence is one of safety protection guards.It is designed for protecting machines and equipments at workshop or separating spares at warehouse.

    ● It also can be used to protect workers from injuring of flying sharp debris and splattering liquids even prevents any part of the body from entering the danger area of the working site and touching any moving component.

    ● A fence composed of all-steel, modular system of panels, posts, and hinged doors protect machinery,employees and visitors. Easy to assemble with interchangeable panels and posts.

  • Plastic tooling case

    Plastic tooling case

    ● Rotomolding plastic equipment cases are applied to the packaging, storage and transportation, protection of military or industrial equipment or materials.

    ● Supported by the outstanding technical team with rich experience in the rotational molding process, developed more than 100 kinds of existing products, and served demanding clients all over the world.

    ● Every rotational molding product must be inspected carefully while molding, installing, and packing.

    ● We have some featured products, such as military box,dry ice box,tool box and etc.