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  • slurry pump

    Panlong slurry pump is heavy duty, concentrated range of horizontal and vertical slurry pumps in a wide range of sizes, available with both various high chrome alloy wet ends and many kinds of rubber wearing parts as well as polyurethane material as optional. The Panlong slurry pump and spares parts offer you another chance to continue using your current pump and pipe work configuration.

  • End Suction Process Pump

    Besides Warman equivalent slurry pumps and replacement parts,you can also find a full line-up of most powerful and most reliable pulp and paper pumps in Panlong: Sulzer AHLSTAR end suction single stage centrifugal process pumps equivalent. The Panlong process pumps series, comprised of the PA, PN, PW and PE ranges, has been designed in accordance with international standard and provided 100% interchangeability. The Panlong process Pump of PA, PN, PW and PE ranges, has been designed for pumping all kind of liquids from clean waters to abrasive or corrosive liquids. Special capabilities to handle stocks of various kinds, sludges or slurries, syrup of sugar mill.

  • Centrifugal Pump

    Centrifugal Paper Pulp Pumps S & ACP Series are available with closed, semi-open or open impellers with 3 vanes or 6 vanes in a highly wear-resistant design. They offer robustness and wear resistance and thus fulfil high customer expectations in terms of efficiency, life cycle, maintenance friendliness and economic efficiency. These pumps are suitable for delivering various of media. Relying on the impeller design, they can pump slightly contaminated and contaminated media with some solids and content up to consistencies up to 8%. S series and ACP series paper pulp pumps are wide used in the pulp and paper, mining, offshore, power, food, and chemical industry. Additionally, water supply, waste water treatment, desalination plants, and irrigation as well as drainage etc.

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Panlong is focusing on both slurry pumps and end-suction process pumps as well as pump spare parts to clients all over the world. When you need a new pump or any replacement parts, we’ve got you covered. Significant savings can be made to costs and downtime then affect your servicing and maintenance. Your end users demand consideration of stable operation, maximum wear life,minimal energy consumption as well as lower cost.Above these are also what we care about.